There comes a time in one’s life when they need to sit down and be honest with themselves about how little interest they have in maintaining their personal website or, god forbid, blog. 

 And while I still think it’s important that artists, businesses, and long neglected grandparents have a way to contact me, I’m leaving behind any pretense that I will ever find a rhythm in updating this thing.

Instead I will post a work history, contact form, and brief synopsis of who I am: My name is Mike Ginn, I’m a Los Angeles based writer, producer, and director. Most of my work as been in comedy, but in the last couple years I’ve expanded to producing and directing for non-scripted, reality, and podcasts. I do a ton of development work, and really enjoy shaping projects. I’m at my best when I’m at my busiest, this usually means leading in collaborative environments from pre-production through post. If you’re interested in reading any of my pilots, just shoot me a message. If you’re interested but can’t read unsolicited material, my agent loves soliciting people stuff.

The Cache (Tubi Half Hour Clip Series - Co-Executive Producer/Writer - 2021)

Ms Senior USA Pilot (Docuseries Pilot - Writer/Producer - 2021)

Darling Dinners (Docuseries Pilot - Story Producer - 2021)

Expert’s React (YouTube series - Director/Producer 2020-2021)

Bear Grylls (YouTube Programming - Digital Producer 2020)

Cry For Help (Adult Swim Podcast - Co-Creator/Writer/Producer/Director - 2020)

Archie Studios Development (Writer - 2019)

Uncle (NBC Half-Hour Pilot - Punch-up Writer - 2019)

ShadowMachine Development (Writer - 2018)

Beyond the Wall w/GRACE PARRA (TBS Late Night Pilot - Writer - 2018)

Magic For Humans (Netflix Comedy - Writer/Creative Consultant - 2018)

Detroiters (Comedy Central half-hour - Digital Producer - 2017)

Lunch Break w/Brad Anderson (Microsoft Comedy Interview - Writer - 2017)

@midnight (Digital Producer 2016-2017 + 2x Creative Arts Emmy Winner)

Rep: Peter J @ Kaplan Stahler (Scripted TV Comedy)



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